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We are sevillemortgage.ca - British Columbia's independent online mortgage source. Our innovative web site offers a mortgage service that clicks with you and your busy lifestyle. The easiest applications. The best rates. The fastest approvals. And unparalleled customer support.
We bring the human factor to online financing. Each application we receive is assigned to a mortgage specialist who acts as your personal advisor. He or she will analyze your application and ask the right questions before it is forwarded to prospective lenders. They'll answer your questions, too. No software can do that.


1. We save you time. You fill out a brief online application, and we will contact you at your convenience.

2. We save you money. By shopping your loan to the top banks, trust companies and credit unions, Seville Mortgage gets you the best rates and terms.

3. We offer more choices. With the whole marketplace to choose from, you'll find the mortgage that clicks perfectly with your needs.

4. We work for you and only you. We have no ties to any one lender, so you're guaranteed honest, objective advice.

5. We charge NO FEES on residential first mortgages or renewals (OAC). Banks pay us for your business, so you don't have to.

6. We protect your credit rating. No matter how many lenders we shop your mortgage to, only one credit check is required.


Associates Mortgage
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bridgewater Financial Services
Canadian Home Income Plan
Co-operative Trust
Edelweiss Credit Union
First Heritage Savings Credit Union
First Marathon Mortgage Corp.
First National Financial
Firstline Mortgages Gibraltar Mortgage Ltd.
Home Trust Company
Investors Group
Laurentian Bank
M.R.S. Trust
MCAP Mortgage Corp.
National Bank of Canada
Peoples Trust Company
Sunlife Financial Trust
Surrey Metro Savings
T.D. Bank
Westminster Savings Credit Union
Xceed Mortgage Company

Sevillemortgage.ca is an independent privately owned company helping British Columbians finance their dreams. Our mortgage brokering services are provided by Seville Mortgage Corporation (incorporated 1976). The mortgage specialists at Seville are all registered members of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia and follow a strict code of professional conduct.